• Durness community web site
  • Web site of the locality comprising of the ancient lands of the clan Mackay
  • a week of running that will test his or her endurance but which is aimed at all levels to allow the participants to challenge themselves. Competition is aimed only at the final day when prizes will be awarded.
  • This site is a combination of visitor guide, accommodation listing and business directory.
  • the web site of the Highland Council
  • Smoo Cave is located at the eastern edge of the village of Durness, on Scotland’s most northerly coastline. It is a dramatic location and on the only primary road in the area, the A838 Durness to Tongue.  A trip to Smoo Cave has to be included in any stay in Durness. Set into limestone cliffs, Smoo Cave is quite large – 200 feet long, 130 feet wide, and 50 feet high at the entrance. The cave is a great tourist attraction for people visiting the north-west coast, and is well worth a visit.
  • CASTAG has put together this website to enable you to get the most from your angling holiday. We wish you as many bends in your rod as you would wish for, and ask only that you enjoy our fishing in a way which will enable future generations of anglers to do the same…
  • Scotland’s First  European Geopark

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